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Solar Thermal – a guide to life expectancy and maintenance

The UK will see a huge increase in solar hot water (solar thermal) installations, with the recent announcement on the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). When you’re investing in a new technology, you want to be sure that it’s going to be reliable and not over-costly in terms of maintenance and repairs.

Thankfully, solar thermal systems have been around for some time now (SunGift Solar has serviced some that are over 30 years old). They are tried and tested, and we have been fitting the technology for around seven years. However, to get the best out of your system there are some key things you should remember…

Regular servicing is essential

Just like your car, or any other mechanical equipment, servicing on a regular basis is essential, as there are components within a system – such as moving parts and valves – that must be kept in optimum working order. With regular maintenance, your solar thermal system will remain in a safe condition, run at its most efficient, keep down running costs, and generate the maximum amount of renewable heat.  A well-serviced and maintained system will also have a longer life-span.

We would therefore recommend that your get your solar thermal system serviced once every two years (some manufacturers require servicing to validate warranties others do not).

How much will servicing cost?

The cost of a service will depend on many factors and be heavily influenced by whether or not any maintenance is required. From our experience it is always much easier to service a system that has been fitted by us, as we are 100 per cent familiar with it and the way that it has been installed.  Servicing others’ systems can be time consuming, as unfortunately there are an abundance of poorly-designed and badly-installed systems out there that the original installer is no longer around to maintain.

When you receive a quote for the installation of a solar thermal system it is wise to ask the installer to include a price for a standard two-yearly service so that you know what the ongoing costs of keeping your system in top working condition will be. SunGift Solar’s current cost for a two-year service on a standard domestic system is £120+VAT.

What does a service include?

It’s essential that your service is well structured.  During a standard service our technicians work through a checklist to ensure that the system is performing correctly. It includes nine tests on the solar circuit and a variety of other electrical tests; checks on the collector’s fixings, pipework and insulation; examinations of the controller’s parameters, wiring and functionality; and analysis of the cylinder’s position, controls and potential leaks.

Replacing fluid

One of the most important aspects of your solar thermal system is the heat transfer fluid. This will need to be replaced approximately every 12 to 15 years to ensure that the pH and antifreeze-protection levels are correct.

How long your system should last

A properly designed and installed solar thermal system should last in excess of 25 years, and we have experience of servicing systems still functioning that are over 30 years old. However, we also have experience of servicing systems less than one year old that are already too badly damaged to be of much use. It’s therefore essential that – if you are considering solar thermal – you choose a reputable installer that you have confidence in and that can give you all of the information that you need.

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