What is YouGen?

YouGen is a platform that brings a public enthusiasm about renewable and efficient energy together with professional and highly recommended energy installers.

A trusted, award winning and independent advice service, our blog has hundreds of entries on all manner of green energy topics, and our installer directory allows would-be users of green and efficient energy technology to locate high quality companies in their area to help them achieve their goals.

Our Story So Far

YouGen History

The need for YouGen struck founder Cathy Debenham in 2005, when she was doing up her house…

There was so much information about renewable energy on the internet, but none of it answered the really practical questions she needed help with to be confident that she had chosen the right technology, the best product and a trustworthy installer. The idea just wouldn’t go away, and eventually it grew into a business plan, a blog, and finally the full site you see here today was launched in April 2009.

The National Energy Foundation took over the management of YouGen from 2015. Having run YouGen for many years Cathy decided it would thrive better as part of a larger organisation where the service could develop and expand. Cathy valued the NEF’s fairness, independence, passion and professionalism and as an independent charity we were delighted to be asked to become part of this multi award winning project.

Happy YouGen Customers

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from YouGen users who have found and worked with installers to build renewable energy technology into their home.

“Customer service is brilliant, always answer calls and queries promptly. the website is easy to use and navigate around for businesses and also for our customers. The blogs are a brilliant source of information and very interesting to see other installers/customers thoughts. The site benefits to us as a company is customers looking to install can look  onto our profile and see feedback from other customers to help them make an informed decision on which may be the best company to choose to install for them.

The website has extremely clear information on all of the technologies so customers who do not know anything about a technology can read all of the clear information on YouGen and be able to understand clearly what is involved in that technology and how it works.”

“We like Yougen because it let’s our potential customers  ‘check us out’ before appointing us to carry out their works. The site is easy to use and the regular bulletins regarding changes within the industry are invaluable”

“YouGen are a very well informed and knowledgeable company when it comes to renewable technologies and its format is simple yet very effective. Generating enquiries is our main reason for joining YouGen along with wanting to partner with like minded people who want to get the positive message out there and the fantastic opportunities that renewable energy has to offer. Potential clients can feel comfortable approaching companies on their site.”

“Yougen is an informative independent site with a huge database of information pertinent to any customer wishing to make an informed decision on the installation of renewable and energy saving measures. As a renewable installation company and energy saving experts it is vital for us to be able to point our customers to an independent website in order for them to ‘back up’ our story and also find real comments from our customers.”

“We at Southern Solar like YouGen because you have the same approach to renewable energy as we do.  You mirror our passion for breaking the addiction to fossil fuels and making renewable energy a ‘normal’ way of life. YouGen provides our potential customers with lots of information about solar panels and solar energy enabling them to be confident in their decision.  We have received a few enquiries from people who have found our details on your website.  Your website allows our customers to post their own recommendations about us and given YouGen’s reputation this really helps our credibility.”

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